Kamis, 09 Juli 2015

Barcelona Defender Admit Animosity Messi-Enrique

Barcelona defender Dani Alves admitted if their star Lionel Messi never clashed with coach Luis Enrique. According to Alves, the conflict began from the moment in the match in a practice session because of a difference of interpretation between Henry and Messi.

"Messi is a very competitive person and he never wants to lose. While these exercises, his team loses and the fierce debate going on, "said Alves, Thursday (9/1/2015).
Alves mentions the incident marked with dibangkucadangkannya Messi by Enrique when Barca yield from Real Sociedad that is something perfectly normal happening in the world of football. Thus it doesn't need to be exaggerated.

"Quarrels sometimes occurs because of the desire to want to grow. Of course there is anger, but all this is about competing. We still have the same goal. In a nice family quarrels, indeed often happen, "Frank Alves.

Enmity between Messi and Henry in January then it may have a lot of forgotten people. Moreover, both are able to shoulder to shoulder to bring Barcelona find their historic treble season in 2014/15

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